1 or 2

Web Engineer

  • 3+ years web development
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • nodejs, React, Vue.js
  • gulp, webpack
  • PC & Mobile
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1 or 2

iOS/Android Engineer

  • 3+ years mobile development
  • Objective-C / Java
  • React Native
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1 or 2

Senior Game Developer

  • 5+ years game development
  • C / C++ / C#
  • Unity / Unreal development
  • (Opt.) Procedural Generation
  • (Opt.) Graphics Pipeline
  • (Opt.) Server Architecture
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Press & Interview

As a reporter or journalist, to work with us for a press release or interview.


Twitter (@sensilet)

Twitter (@DefrontierNet)


Help & Support

As an user or player, to get product help from us. (read docs here first: defrontier.gitbook.io)





Devs & Collaboration

As a single developer or a team, to get development help or product collaboration.


Brimless Twitter (@brimlesslab)

Gu Lu’s Twitter (@gulucraft)


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