Brimless Monthly Update (Apr. 2022)

30 April 2022

The holiday comes, and Happy Labor Day!

EVM and others

EVM is the ultimately non-negligible platform as the mainstream trend continues. Brimless Lab has scheduled a lot of workloads in this field, and we have been actively doing research since the Lunar New Year, and now we’re settled with a more devoted development plan in months. Some may find out that our earlier product supports EVM chains as well (yeh, there are ETH/BSC variations not publicly announced).

We’ll put more blood and sweat into ETH and its L2 solutions in the coming month and keep an eye on Cosmos, Terra, and Avalanche, which are attractive at the moment. We’re still unsure whether it’s a good idea to bridge EVM assets and BSV assets in our product Sensilet, considering the technical complexity and the potential volume. We probably need some input about this one from our community. Please don’t hesitate to tell us what you think.


The migration from SatoPlay will finish, and the games will be successively available on Defrontier.

We’re setting up a 3-6 month development plan for Defrontier to build into a full-featured GameFI platform with OVTS, DPC, Slimes, Games, and more exciting things scheduled. It’s our priority in the BSV field in the coming months.

Let’s look forward to iterating it into a prospering GameFI platform.

It’s suggested that we should add the support of BSV-priced NFT trading. So let’s see if we can get a chance to punch the feature into our schedule in June.


We’re experimenting with lowering the fee rate of Sensible transactions to 0.05 sat/byte. If it works reliably, we’ll have it in the next version Sensilet 0.2.

Please feel free to ask for details in our Telegram group.

Brimless Team