Overshoot opens today

30 March 2022

Overshoot Announcement (2022-03-25)

Hello everyone,

The game will open at 12:00 UTC+0 (20:00 in Beijing Time) today on Defrontier. You will find the entry on Defrontier’s game page. NFT equipment of Overshoot will be tradable on ENFTY.io.

Daily settlement adjustment for OVTS

The OVTS distribution model is changed to accommodate the current situation:

  1. The fixed farming reward is 1200 OVTS per block (172,000 OVTS / day) on tswap.
  2. The daily staking rewards (100,000 in general ~ 300,000 for special events OVTS / day) on Defrontier.
  3. The in-game allocation amount will be 50,000 OVTS per day in Overshoot.
About the SatoPlay account migration

When you enter the game, you can choose to migrate the account assets to the Sensilet wallet.

Please contact us if you are unable to log into SatoPlay.

Please note that migratable account assets include NFT equipment and non-NFT assets, the latter including gold coins, non-NFT equipment, pending OVTS of daily settlement, pending OVTS of destroying NFT. In-game records (such as battle records, etc.) will not be migrated.

  1. If you choose to migrate all your NFT equipment, you will need to deposit a certain amount of BSV (0.0002 BSV per NFT) as a transfer and re-mint fee, as detailed on the migration page.
  • The minting records and engraving records of NFT equipment will be migrated with the NFT equipment.
  1. If you choose not to migrate NFT equipment, but only non-NFT assets in your account, the NFT resources in your account will be converted to OVTS at the price of 800 OVTS, which you can then claim in the game.
Other information
  • The in-game trading market is now closed and redirected to ENFTY.io
  • The in-game black market arena and the rental market closed
  • Minting NFT now gets paid through Sensilet, charging 2000 OVTS and 20000 Sat. (Sensilet now prompts the confirmation window twice)
  • ‘Trade’ button of NFT equipment information in the game, is now replaced with the ‘Transfer’ button to ease NFT trading between players
  • The migration mainly focuses on contract updates and transaction support for ENFTY.io.
  • The migration of the SatoPlay commemorative card series will be available at a later date.

The migration process is complicated and cumbersome. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for your understanding.

Please let us know if you have any questions in the process.

Brimless Team