Overshoot will be live next Wednesday

25 March 2022

Overshoot Announcement (2022-03-25)

Due to some technical issues, the 3D shooting game Overshoot is rescheduled to next Wednesday (2022-03-30) Overshoot will be re-opened on Defrontier and all its in-game NFT items will be tradable on ENFTY.io.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

(Chinese follows)

由于一些技术问题,3D 射击游戏 Overshoot 将改期到下周三(2022-03-30)。 Overshoot 将在 Defrontier 重新开放,所有游戏中的 NFT 项目将可在 ENFTY.io 上交易。


Brimless Team