ENFTY.io is live and we’re having AMA today

20 March 2022

ENFTY.io AMA today

We are about to launch ENFTY.io today at 08:00 (UTC+0).

To introduce the platform better, we’ll organize an AMA at 12:00 (UTC+0) today (2022-03-20) in our Telegram Group (https://t.me/brimless). You are welcome to participate the AMA and get our gifts.

We also invited the artist Q.One (青一 in Chinese) to participate the event. You are free to ask questions about the art collections and ENFTY.io platform in general.

We’re going to give away $200 USDT to AMA participants!

By the way, next week Overshoot will be available on Defrontier. And its NFTs will be available for trading on ENFTY.io.

(Chinese follows)

ENFTY.io 周日 AMA 活动 (2022-03-20)

我们将于北京时间 2022-03-20 下午北京时间 16:00 开启 ENFTY.io 的正式服务。

为了能让大家对平台的规则有所了解,我们将于今天 (2022-03-20) 晚上北京时间 20:00 在 Telegram 群 (https://t.me/brimless) 内组织一次 AMA (中英文),欢迎大家参加。我们为参与者准备了 USDT 和 NFT 等礼物。同时,我们邀请到了艺术家青一作为嘉宾参与此活动,关于艺术品和平台相关的信息,欢迎大家提问。

我们将会在 AMA 过程中送出 $200 USDT,请大家不要错过!

下周,“狙击大作战” 将会在 Defrontier 上线,游戏中的 NFT 也将可以在 ENFTY.io 交易。

ENFTY.io Screenshots

Art Collections from Q.One (青一)

The above art collections are from the artist Q.One (青一).

‘My Space’: a 3D hidden place to get your reward on ENFTY.io

The above screenshot is ‘My Space’: a 3D hidden place to get your reward on ENFTY.io.

Various Collections on ENFTY.io

These are various collections on ENFTY.io.

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