ENFTY.io is open on Sunday!

16 March 2022

ENFTY.io is open on Sunday!

ENFTY.io is a new NFT marketplace from Brimless Lab for NFT creating, collecting, and trading.

The early testing of this service will be publicly available before this weekend. If things go well the mainnet version will launch on Sunday (2022-03-20).

ENFTY.io not only serves for Defrontier Slimes and Overshoots In-Game Assets, but also for artists who intend to create and share their works as NFTs.

Various Collections on ENFTY.io

It currently supports USDT for pricing and trading on BSV network. We are actively adding multi-chain support for Enfty.

Overshoot is coming back.

Overshoot will be available next Friday (2022-03-25). You will be able to login into your SatoPlay account and transfer all your in-game assets to your Sensilet account with one click.

The game will be available on Defrontier, and the NFTs will be available for trading on Enfty. Please note the OVTS distribution model will be changed to accommodate the new system on Defrontier.

Telegram & Discord Support

To better support current Brimless Lab products, we will be making the following adjustments to the Telegram and Discord channels in the near future:

  • the current SatoPlay groups will be merged into the Sessilet & Defrontier Support group
  • the group will be renamed to Brimless Support, providing support for products such as Sesilet, Defrontier, and Enfty
  • the Defrontier Discord community will be changed into a general community for player discussion and activities organizing of these products.

Brimless Lab

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