Brimless Lab Monthly Update (December)

17 December 2021

The first thing to announce:

We (as a dev-team) have a new name: Brimless Lab!

We are not calling ourselves SatoPlay Team (小聪团队) anymore (since we have more than one product). And we are actively asking the community to give us a new Chinese name. Let us know if you have a good candidate!

Question 1: The financial status and dev-team status of SatoPlay

Recently, various teams on BSV have been involved in community financing, and they have been sending out various nfts, wants to get some financial support. The first NFT on BSV was the king card made by SatoPlay and the game NFT card, and now with the ability, the SatoPlay team chose to give it away for free. Is the community more concerned about the team’s financial situation, and is there sufficient incentive for follow-up development?

Thanks for taking care of the team.

So, let me disclose ‘some little secrets’ about the team:

Of course, we are not a billionaire like Craig who owns 1m coins. But we do have financial growth every year (which is good) and happen to be in a very healthy financial status (which is even better) that we have enough fiat (notably not crypto assets) that support years of development ahead.

Having said that, we expect to grow much faster than before. There are more projects being prototyped than ever before to deal with and we expect to double our headcount of the team in the next 6 months.

Please note that we don’t generally accept investment from single person (like many other teams you mentioned in the question). We have good investment relationships with both domestic companies and foreign companies both in the crypto industry and the game industry, who can give us really strong supports, instead of constantly yelling at me “why not pump up OVTS? What are you doing? So when are you going to pump it?”. I believe there will be a good time point in the future that I can introduce some of them to the community.

We don’t sell NFT like others.

We don’t sell tokens like others.

Even if we helped create the first widely used NFT and token solution on BSV.

If we announce a token named Sensible Coin from day one, it should be worth more than a cent, isn’t it?

You have probably already gotten this impression:

This team is extraordinarily strange, especially in this money-oriented industry.

They don’t like money.

They don’t want money.

Are they insane?

What do they want?

They want a sustainable working business model.

Not something like “Shut up and take my money”.

Not something like “countless NFT” that does exactly nothing for you.

And the good news is, they are well on the way towards that goal.

Question 2: Collaboration with Metaid

Many people have asked this question in a variety of ways, and this time I hope to get a clear answer, to avoid further questions. Has there been any research on metaid? Have you thought about integrating the SatoPlay account system into metaid? Have you ever thought about integrating MetaBot portrait into Overshoot?

Good question.

We did our homework about metaid much earlier in last year. And we came to the conclusion that metaid is simply the primary information structuring protocol on BSV, which is well designed and maintained. Period. And we two teams have more communications and closer cooperation than you thought we were.

We are simply exploring different territories. Having less coupling in products allows us to try out more possibilities. For example, if we use metaid directly in the SatoPlay account system (like you suggested in the question). We are settled. In that universe, Sensilet, as a wallet-style authorization entry, will never get a chance to be born.

Think about that. Is that what you want?

I would prefer diversity to one single failure point.

Unfastening our legs from each other, and being less coupled in the forest, allows us to find more fruits. It’s that simple.

The last idea is probably a good one though. Using existing NFT as active elements in the game is an interesting use case.

Question 3 Overshoot (the English version)

Recently, I switched to the English version of Overshoot, and found that there are many problems in the game, such as translation, as well as skills display unreasonable, and so on? What’s the time frame (to improve it)?

The English version should definitely be improved. We are working on the App version of Sensilet. Once that is done, we’ll begin to migrate Overshoot into Sensilet and improve the English version generally.

Please help us to point out the problems you meet and you’ll find yourself in the DAO to become more close friends with us.

Question 4 About Sensilet

At the beginning of the month, Dr. CSW’s case was moving in a good direction, but he also changed his mind about the possibility of coexistence between BSV and BTC. What would the sensilet wallet bring to BSV if it did, or if the blockchain now faces the problem of cross-chain? I heard that the SatoPlay team has already collaborated on a major project on ETH. would it be convenient to share some of the collaboration? And the development of ETH, what does that say about the current state of the BSV chain? What are the implications for future development on BSV?

Cross-chain technology matters.

Sensilet is created with that in mind. The web3 model it chooses to comply with, is not an accident. It’s carefully designed to make future cross-chain asset transmission and settlement easier to implement and achieve.

If you read this interview (, you will find out that I was pretty chain-neutral when I was asked about comparing BSV & ETH. Let me quote some words from myself in that interview:

“Generally, BSV has the potential to contain much more transactions in orders of magnitude than ETH. But can all applications running on EVM be migrated to run well enough on bitcoin VM? That’s not clear and obvious. Solidity and the account and event model surely aren’t sophisticated well enough but they do bring value that cannot be easily replaced by UTXO-based contracted applications. However, we know too little about bitcoin and we are still learning, I hope I can be more confident next time I’m asked this question.”

By the way, I also did research about Flow and Cardano which both have their own merits that BSV doesn’t have. We must learn. The only thing that is set in stone, is the protocol, it should not be your mind, nor your products.

Question 5 Defrontier and its games

The slimes have been airdropped twice so far, releasing 1,000 of Slime, which has a total supply of one million in the contract on-chain. Will there be more airdrops? How will a million Slime be released? Have the OVTS or DPC been considered for purchasing a slim blind box?

I believe some questions could be answered well in this announcement:

It mainly contains information about the new game and the last airdrop this year.

And then more information about the Slimes. Slimes will be the only NFT who will actively work hard to produce DPC for you reliably and continuously. There will be an open market for you to buy a live slime or a blind-box (Note that they are different things) in any asset you like. We may preferably lower the OVTS trading fee as a small gift to OVTS holders. About how to develop the global market, we have talked to a few guys who may help us in the future. Before actually doing that, let’s fix the international issues in our products in the coming weeks and then move forward. And don’t forget to let me know if you can help to grow the English Community more effectively.

Brimless Lab